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Should You Rekey Your Locks?

Consider The Facts...

You’re Security Is at Risk if you’ve:

  • Fired an employee
  • Given your keys to maintenance crews or other contractors
  • Given your keys to maintenance crews or other contractors
  • Moved to a new residence

Carl’s Locksmith Service is your Security Consultant

They are the security professionals. We show people every day where they are vulnerable and what they can do to protect themselves. We sell security; We offer service; We provide expertise. Carl's Locksmith Service gives you peace of mind.

Rekeying only restarts the cycle.

There are many common situations that put the keys to your home or business in the wrong hands. It is easy for criminals to duplicate your keys. The result can be unauthorized access to your personal property, customer files, company records, as well as other important and valuable items. Rekeying your locks does not solve your problems, it only restarts the cycle..a cycle that leads to expensive rekeying again and again in the future, The reality is that most standard keys are easy to duplicate. All that is required is to take them to a key cutter at the hardware store. Remember the last time you had keys made? Were you asked for identification or authorization before the keys were cut?

Save Money and Improve your Security by Controlling Who Can Copy your Keys!

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